My name is Aaron and I'm collector from Israel. I'm 71 years old.

As you probably understand, this site is dedicated to my main hobby - coins collecting.

I've started to collect coins some yeas ago. My collection was small and grew thanks to buying only. Some later I found friends-collectors and became a  member of numismatic club. It opened new ways to fill up my collection. In 2002 I've discovered that using the Internet I can find many other honest collectors from the World, to swap and to help them and to myself to enlarge own collections. From this moment my collection continued to grow more faster.

At the beginning I tried to have some coins from every country, but I haven't clear program of collecting. There are more 6400 coins from more than 250 states and terrtories in my collection now. I understood that it's interesting to know more about my coins: both coins themselves both about images on them.  With help of digital camera and using numerous sources I try to create COIN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA of my collection. I hope my work will useful for another collectors too.

You may found here information about my COLLECTION , to review (or to download) my SWAP LIST, to see list of GOOD TRADERS I already swapped with, to know last month update on NEWS and some LINKS, which I think are very useful. You see coins I offer for sale in my COINS SHOP. It is still under construction. You are wellcome to visit us in a while.

I will also very appreciate your opinion / suggestion regarding my site.

I thank my friend Yakov Elkin for the hard work on programming this site.